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I'm Dean, An Established Freelancer and Contractor Based in Bude for Over 10 Years.

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Some of the things I can do for you

Custom Website Developments

Custom Website / Software Developments - in Wordpress / Shopify / Laravel / React / VueJS and many more.

Custom Graphics and Website Designs

No templates used. Every Website is built from scratch. Custom graphics and logos / branding uniquely designed for you.


Custom 3D Visualisations

Custom built 3D models and textures for interior and / or exterior visualisations.

Some of my recent

Software Developments

Side Project: Openthirdeye - An AI-Curated News

At its core, Openthirdeye is not just another news aggregator. It’s a platform that leverages state-of-the-art AI technology to transcend conventional news curation methodologies. Our AI algorithm goes beyond mere keyword matching, diving deep into the intricacies of information quality and relevance. By considering a multifaceted spectrum of factors, Openthirdeye ensures that users receive a curated selection of news items that reflect the most pertinent and trending topics of the day.

The algorithm examines the relationships between various news items to surface a comprehensive perspective on a given topic. This feature provides users with a more holistic view of complex stories.

Openthirdeye firmly believes in transparency. Unlike many news platforms, we provide our users with complete visibility into the AI-driven curation process. For every article featured on our homepage, we offer a detailed breakdown of the factors that influenced its selection. This unique feature empowers users to critically analyse the credibility of the information they’re consuming, fostering a culture of informed consumption.

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Custom Time Entry Management System

As part of a new contract I recently completed, I built a custom time entry management system for the company. The system was designed to manage the time from employees within the company so that time could be tracked against projects and wages could be calculated. Each time entry can be assigned against each project, and each user has a role that determines what they are able to do on the platform.

The system had features like user roles allowing admins to extract time entries in a CSV format and make changes to those entries if needed. The dashboard showed graphs and charts showing how many hours were spent on each project over time.

The system was built using the microservices architecture. This meant that each component of the application could be deployed separately and scaled independently. It also made it easier to maintain the codebase, as changes could be made to a single service without affecting any other part of the application.

It was built using React, Material UI, Kubernetes and RDS database.

Highly Scalable Bespoke Website Scraping System

As apart of one of my contracts, I was tasked with developing a bespoke website scraping system allowing the internal team to extract reviews and attributes from websites. The system was designed to be highly scalable, allowing the team to scale up the selenium workers that were needed to scrape a given website. The system also included a dashboard allowing the team to view the status of each scrape, as well as monitor the project status.

During production, it was able to scrape over 100k comments in less than a few hours, and allowed the team to scale up as needed to scrape large websites quickly and efficiently. When prompted with Bot detection technologies, the system was able to overcome these protections from websites by using a combination of Selenium and PhantomJS in order to scrape the website, combined with IP switching.

The system was able to overcome the following website protections:


-Captcha2K (XEvil)

-ReCaptcha v1 and v2

-Multilayer Captcha

A desktop application was also developed using Electron where websites that provided significant Bot protection, humans were able to extract the reviews from websites with the click of the mouse . The desktop application was able to work as an extension of the web browser as well (in the chrome browser). It allowed users to extract reviews, manage their projects and monitor the status of their project.

The team needed a way of managing the data once it was extracted, so I developed some middleware so that any data was passed into their internal pipeline.

The system was built using Laravel, VueJS, Python, Selenium and Electron. It was hosted on Kubernetes infrastructure, with Redis used as a cache layer.

Some of my recent

3D Visualisations

3D Visualisations for HUSK Living, Cornwall

HUSK Living is a company that produces container-style garden office ‘pods’ to a high-spec finish. We were asked to produce 3D visualisations of their products, so that they could show potential customers what their pods would look like in real life.

The first step was to build a model out of the plans provided by HUSK Living, and populate it with furniture and decorations from their range. This gave us a base for our visualisations, and allowed us to test out different layouts for the pods before we started working on them in earnest. The second step was to create photorealistic renders of each pod, using photos taken by HUSK Living on location in Cornwall as reference material. We then adjusted the colours and materials used in our renders based on these photos, so that they would be true to life.

Our final step was to create a set of animated GIFs, showing how the pods would be assembled and disassembled. These were used by HUSK Living on their website and social media channels to promote the product and show off what it could do.

If you like these 3D renders , you can see some of our other work on our website. We’re always happy to discuss new projects with potential clients, so if you have an idea that you think we could help with, please get in touch!3D Visualisations for HUSK Living, Cornwall – – that produces container-style garden office ‘pods’ to a high-spec finish

3D Visuals Of New Housing Developments in Bude, Cornwall

Cornwall has long been a destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, but recently it has become just as popular with people who want to be close to nature without being completely isolated from civilization.

Here’s a portfolio piece that I made using Photoshop, Blender and Illustrator to showcase some new developments in Bude, Cornwall

The brief was to create an image of the development which would be used in the marketing material for the area. I wanted to create something that was modern and yet still reflected the natural beauty of Cornwall.

I decided to make it look like a real-world illustration rather than a high-end photorealistic image because it would give the viewer something more interesting to look at. I wanted to create something that was visually appealing but also informative. The 3D modelling and rendering process took around 5 days and the post production about 2 days.

If you like this image and would like to see more of my work, please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

3D Kitchen Visuals for Displayset, Bude, Cornwall

I was delighted to be asked again by Displayset – a well established, contemporary, design and build company in Bude , to help realise their vibrant and dynamic vision of a kitchen design for a potential client. It was requested that between 1 and 3 renders need to be rendered.

Renders were carefully planned using reference material provided by Displayset. I also used further image resources, to give me the inspiration required to follow the flow and style of their vision precisely. The modern styling combined with the wood textures was a lot of fun to produce.

As with any new project I like to learn and experiment with new techniques, allowing me to improve the final render and yield better customer feedback at the end of the project. In this particular project I decided to focus on the lighting. I decided to utilise image masks of the trees in the background of the render, this gave immediate realistic results by providing leaf shadows on the back walls of the image.

I am really pleased with the end result, especially with the use of the image masks and with how much that technique improved the visual effect of the final render.

If your looking for a similar visual renders, or would like to set me a new challenge, then feel free to contact me using my contact page to discuss your visual requirements.

External Landscape CGI Visualisation for a Modern House in Cornwall

I was approached by an anonymous client to produce a series of External Landscape CGI Visualisations for a location in Cornwall. The brief was to showcase the opening gateway to a modern house and display how it could look before development began.

Upon being given the blueprint/architectural measurements, I started modelling the basic shapes of the landscape. This included the positioning of the gate as well as the basic shape of the trees, hedges and stones/grass. As soon as the basic landscape was approved by the client, the finer details were added such as the bump, spec and normal maps for each of the objects.

The last stage involved setting up the objects in such a way that the models closest to the camera displayed more details; this technique is known as adaptive subdivision in the 3D world.

I really enjoyed completing this visualisation project and it was nice to jump back into some 3D landscape work!

Some of my recent

Website Developments and Graphical Designs

Animated Jungle/Forestry Website for The Bank at Bude

When I was tasked with creating a website for The Bank at Bude, I knew that it had to be something special.

I didn’t want to just create a simple, static website; I wanted to create something that would stand out and catch the eye of visitors.

The idea came to me when I was watching a nature documentary on TV, and saw some leaves blowing in the wind. They looked so beautiful as they danced around in the breeze—and so natural! So I thought: what if we could make our website look like that?

After doing some research and finding out about CSS3 animation, I decided to try making my dream come true. It took me a few hours of experimentation, but eventually I came up with an animation that worked smoothly and looked beautiful on screen.

Now whenever you browse around our website, you’ll notice that the leafs around the edge start very slowly moving from left to right or vice versa—just like real leaves do in nature!

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Bespoke Bude Website Design for Wildwood Cornwall

Wildwood Cornwall approached me to ask whether I would be interested in building a bespoke e-commerce website using WordPress and Woocommerce – I immediately said yes, of course. The requirements were somewhat different though; in that, the owners of Wildwood  had a vision of the style and design of the website ready in their minds. This made the site an exciting new challenge as it is a style type that I’ve never undertaken before – I love clients that have different approaches to something that is already out there, it gives me the freedom to help a business to standout from the crowd.

As a website developer, this freedom also makes developing unique features a breeze as opposed to re configuring off-the-shelf themes and limiting the functionality and creativity of the website. One feature I was quite excited about implementing when designing the site visual, was the ability for the graphics to be hand-drawn onto the website while you are browsing. This gave it a nice unique touch whilst also making the website dynamic.

If you are looking for a website to be built from scratch, then feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements – however big or small.

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Bude Website Design for the Smugglers

After two amazing challenges which raised well over 30 thousand pounds – Three Peaks Row and The Smugglers’ Challenge have now returned to take on another challenge – The Smugglers’ Return.

Having been involved in the previous challenges with the branding and websites it was an obvious choice for them to approached me. The brief was to create an umbrella branding and a central website for all previous and upcoming challenges whilst giving them complete control of the content and pictures. And most importantly to me, I had complete freedom to design the website and how it interacts to users.

I created a new brand identity reflecting something completely different to what you would typically expect from a charity whilst making you curious about what the charity is about. The result was a silhouette of a character/pirate that jumps Cornwall out at you whilst also bringing the craziness of the charity. The website was built using WordPress and a custom-built theme that allowed me to make it unique to the Smugglers instead of using a theme which looks similar to everyone else.

I am pleased with the result, especially as I had given complete freedom to be creative with not only the logo but the website as well.

If your looking for Bude branding or would like to set me a new challenge, then feel free to contact me using my contact page to discuss your branding requirements.

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Holsworthy CE Primary School Website Design

Holsworthy C of E Primary School is situated in the heart of Holsworthy and graded ‘good’ in all areas by Ofsted.

I was really excited when Tim from Holsworthy CE Primary School approached me to revamp their current branding and website. I have always wanted to produce a modern, fresh and engaging school website from the earliest years of my business so this provided me with the perfect opportunity – I just couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

I began by  updating the current branding, giving it a more elevated, professional and refreshed look. This meant changing the branding’s colour scheme, to make it stronger and to place emphasis on the quality and care that their education provides.  I decided to use blue tones so that it was welcoming to both genders which was also an important requirement.

For the website, Tim requested the ability to add news articles and pages on the website using a content management system. I decided to go one step further and use a content management system with a page builder called Elementor which provides administrative users with full control of the layout for each page. This was a perfect solution and has allowed Tim to easily create new pages as and when required.

The website needed to be easily found using search engines, have quick page load times and an intuitive user interface on both desktops and mobile devices. The end result produced a website that I really pleased with.

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As a design company, we have always had our own ideas of how something should look and the style we wanted to use, Dean was great at creating the websites and 3D modelling for our products.

Always readily available for updates and small changes that are constantly needed throughout the development of the site. The work from the start has always been top quality, but as projects have moved on quality has actually improved to levels we hadn’t thought available are now present on our sites.

With limited knowledge on the more technical side of website design such as SEO, Dean was always happy to take the lead and offer help with setting up the parts of the website we hadn’t originally thought of as directly important.

We have worked on many sites with Dean and continually try to keep the websites up to date on the both the Design and Technical sides of it and look forward to working together on future projects.

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