I'm Dean, a freelance Website Designer and Software Developer based in Bude, Cornwall. I specialise in Website Development/Graphics, 3D Graphics/Animation and Mobile Games/App Development.

If you like what you hear? Then feel free to drop me a line about a specific website design and/or graphic design project at dean@deanwronowski.co.uk or by phone on 07929019157

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Some of the things I can do for you

Custom Website Developments

Custom WordPress/Magento Developments. Aswell as Laravel/React/Redux/CSS3 System Developments

Custom Graphics and Website Designs

No WordPress templates used. Every Website is built from scratch. Custom graphics and icons uniquely designed for you.


Custom 3D Visualisations

Custom built 3D models and textures for interior and/or exterior visualisations.

Some of my recent

Website Developments and Graphical Designs

Kitsham Holiday Cottages Website Design

Caroline from Kitsham Holidays approached me to look at the branding and give it a refresh look that was more appealing to a younger generation of audience. This would then need to be followed by a new website design.

The branding that was produced uses a colourful and relaxing teal/blue colour scheme which appeals to both young and middle aged audiences. The shape of the logo follows a smooth curve effect to give give it a funky feel which you would not typically see with a holiday cottage.

Following on from the style and feel of the branding, I decided to incorporate some bird illustrations to give the design some characteristics and life to make it bounce out a little more. This also helped the reader to follow the layout and flow of the page.

Instead of using subtle background colours to separate the different sections, I wanted to furthermore follow the style of the branding by using a funky yet quirky dashed to separate the sections. This also broke one of the designs rules of symmetrically as the lines are not perfectly equal to each other, but felt this was the right decision as we are also appealing to the younger generation.

If you like the clear/funky look designed for Kitsham Holiday Cottages, then feel free to contact me via the contact page to discuss your branding requirements.

Porthbud Beer Can Designs for Bude Brewery, Cornwall

Adam at Bude Brewery in Cornwall, approached me to produce a unique graphic for a new beer product – Porthbhud. Below are the project specifics.

  • The design must target the 25 years+ age group.
  • The designs should convey a sense of fun whilst also incorporating a modern touch.
  • The labels must include all legal requirement
  • Must include Barrel Rock within the design

As soon as I was given this brief I went to Barrel Rock with a camera and took some photos. Using these photos, I started drawing Barrel Rock and the surrounding features. However, I soon felt the design was lacking something, so I started sketching an oculus as I could wrap the legs around the Barrel Rock which would fit in nicely.

After that, the look came together really quickly and the end result put a huge smile on the faces of the guys at Bude Brewery. I can’t express how much fun this design was to put together!

Branding Tweak and Website Design for Bude Golf Club

Bude & North Cornwall Golf Club were looking to update their current website to one that makes it easy for internal employees to update the site without requiring any prior knowledge of html, whilst also improving the site’s design for use as a marketing tool in attracting more members to the club.

The existing site was outdated and unfriendly to those wanting to view from their tablet or phone. The website was hard coded that required knowledge of HTML and CSS to make changes. With that in mind I refreshed the site, making it easy for them to update by using WordPress platform and of course, ensured it was appealing and easy to navigate on mobile and all other devices. Whether you are looking for membership prices or tournament results, you will be able to get there quickly and easily with their new website.

If you’re keen to give golf a go then take a look around the site for yourself.

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Website and Branding for Arthur Bryants in Bude, Cornwall

Arthur Bryants contacted me to rebrand their company with a new image, as they felt it was getting a bit stale and needed some modernising.

This project involved producing a logo that could be used across all of their marketing and printing materials as well as producing a responsive website to work effortlessly across all devices.

As a family run company, it was essential to convey the quality and uniqueness of their services as well as their incredible reputation which has been built over 50 years. Therefore, special attention had to be played to the typography used.

I created a logo that was balanced, clean, modern and suitable to sit on any background. The yellow butterfly adds a distinguished quality to the label. The style of the logo then dictated the style and layout of the website, by utilising the yellow colour as a highlight colour throughout the website.

If you like the clear/simplistic look designed for Arthur Bryants, then feel free to contact me via the contact page to discuss your branding requirements.

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Some of my recent

3D Visualisations

3D Kitchen Visuals for Displayset, Bude, Cornwall

I was delighted to be asked again by Displayset – a well established, contemporary, design and build company in Bude – to help realise their vibrant and dynamic vision of a kitchen design for a potential client of theirs. It was requested that between 1 and 3 renders need to be rendered.

Carefully planned using reference material provided by Displayset and image resources gave me inspiration for the flow and style of their vision. The modern styling combined with the wood textures was a lot of fun to produce.

As with any new project I like to learn and experiment with new techniques to always improve the final render; yielding better customer feedback at the end of the project. In this particular project I decided to focus on the lighting. I decided to utilise image masks of trees in the background, this gave immediate realistic results by providing leaf showers on the back walls.

I am really pleased with the end results; especially the image masks with how much it changed the final result.

If your looking for a smilier visual then feel free to contact me using my contact page to discuss your visual requirements.

External Landscape CGI Visualisation for a Modern House in Cornwall

I was approached by an anonymous client to produce a series of External Landscape CGI Visualisations for a location in Cornwall. The brief was to showcase the opening gateway to a modern house and display how it could look before development starts.

Upon being given the blueprint/architectural measurements, I started modelling the basic shapes of the landscape. This included the positioning of the gate as well as the basic shape of the trees, hedges and stones/grass. As soon as the basic landscape was approved by the client, the finer details were added such as the bump, spec and normal maps for each of the objects.

The last stage involved setting up the objects in such a way that the models closer to the camera display more details, also is known as adaptive subdivision in the 3D world.

I really enjoyed this visualisation project and it was nice to jump back into some 3D landscape work!

3D Animated Intro with Simulated Water Splashes for Bude Surfing Experience

With an exciting 3D Project and clear direction, Bude Surfing Experience approached me to help develop and provide impact to their videos intros’ in order to communicate their bold and captivating surfing activities. We decided on a 3D water simulation where you would see water dripping from the logo – similar to how you would see water dripping from a surf board.

We also both decided to implement a splashing effect as soon as the video starts in order to provide more depth and impact. This gave the video intro a real hook, capturing a viewers attention and making it very impactful.

If you are looking for a 3D Designer in Cornwall then free feel to contact me using my contact page to discuss your requirements.

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3D Visualisations For The Look Out in Cornwall

Jane from The Look Out in Cornwall were looking for some 3D Visualisations to visual the position and the surrounding environment of the Hut.

Having been provided the architectural drawings and measurements, meant I was able to produce the 3D models very quickly. Which as a result, allowed me to focus more of my time on producing the 3D visualisations as realistic as possible.

It’s been a while since I tackled a nice juicy 3D project, so it was great to work on something that included a lot of nature to it.

Update: Currently under appeal – outcome TBA.

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Dean's ability to take a brief and make it a realisation is  exceptional. His attention to detail and creative flair is truly professional and his ability to work with people at all levels reflects in his unique range of styles, Not only is his work of great quality but he is able to turn it around quickly. I would definitely recommend Dean and I look forward to working with him again soon to extend my portfolio. How lucky for Bude to  have someone of Dean's calibre right on the doorstep!
Jane Montague - The Look Out in Cornwall
Some of my recent

Software Developments

Radar: Bespoke System Built using Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing & Laravel

To help automate and keep track of online communities mentioning certain keywords in realtime, a bespoke system called Radar was built using the latest technologies; machine learning, natural language processing, laravel combed with VueJS.

The system communicates with a series of Radar scanners (raspberry pi) that loads the selected website in the browser that is controlled via a bespoke plugin that periodically checks for the given keywords. If a match is found, an alert is sent back to the system. From here, the system will perform some cleaning tasks; such as encoding, filtering out rude words and discarding posts that are duplicates or retweets. The next task is to broadcast the new alert to users logged in. If the user has selected the option for email alerts then an email will be sent of the alert. Similarly; the alert will be sent to the chosen API if the option is selected.

A number of scheduled tasks run periodically; one of the priority tasks involves performing predictions on whether the alert is interesting based on previous alerts that have been marked as interesting; another task performs sentiment analysis that rates the emotion of the alert as to whether its negative or positive. And one of the last tasks checks whether any of the new alerts are similar to any of the last 100 alerts – this is useful for detecting trends.

* There are a number of tasks which haven’t been mentioned to protect the intelligence of the system

If you’re looking for similar cornwall bespoke systems, whether its a bespoke system to automate your business processes or you are interested in having a similar digital drinks menu created, then please feel free to contact me by visiting my contact page here.

Bespoke Project Management System using React and Redux

As apart of one of my contracts, I was tasked with developing a bespoke project management system allowing internal and external clients to view and update the status of a project at any given time.

The system was built using the very latest technologies as of when I wrote this article which were: React, which is an open-source framework built by Facebook for rendering the interface and managing the components, Redux which is another open-source framework for managing the the state of the application and allowing for actions to be distributed throughout the system, Socket.IO – another open-source that creates and manages a persistent connection between a client and server yielding realtime interactions between the user and the system to happen instantly.

Another requirement was that it had to interact with another system (also built by me) for executing an internal process. This was achieved by allowing both systems to talk to each other using APIs.

Furthermore, Bitbucket was used throughout the project so that a log of each iteration of the system was recorded and the repository can be cloned to additional developers when the system expands and lastly, Webpack was used so that resources and assets are compressed and various other scripts executed upon when compiling for live production.

If your looking for a bespoke software solution then feel free to contact me with your requirements by going to this page.

Virtual Concierge for Falcon Hotel in Bude

The Falcon Hotel approached me to develop an interface for a virtual concierge in their reception area.

The system works by updating itself every night from various sources. All of the ‘Bude Activities’ section is retrieved from the Bude Tourist Information website every night. If any pictures are added or removed, these changes will also be updated on the virtual concierge. The same is true of any content modifications.

Any events that are added to The Falcon Hotel website, are also automatically transferred to the Virtual Concierge every night.

If your looking for a bespoke software solution then feel free to contact me with your requirements by going to this page.

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Dean is very creative and his dedication to finding out what I really wanted for my business website was much appreciated. He took great interest in what I was doing and his design work totally reflected the 1940s-1950s feel I was after. He made the website totally user friendly so I am able to upload and edit it myself comprehensively. If I have a request or need a quick amendment doing, he always responds immediately and the amendment is done within 24 hours. I very much like his work, trust his judgement and advice and cannot recommend him highly enough for price and service.

Clair - The Kitchen Front
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