3D Visualisations for HUSK Living, Cornwall

HUSK Living is a company that produces container-style garden office ‘pods’ to a high-spec finish. We were asked to produce 3D visualisations of their products, so that they could show potential customers what their pods would look like in real life.

The first step was to build a model out of the plans provided by HUSK Living, and populate it with furniture and decorations from their range. This gave us a base for our visualisations, and allowed us to test out different layouts for the pods before we started working on them in earnest. The second step was to create photorealistic renders of each pod, using photos taken by HUSK Living on location in Cornwall as reference material. We then adjusted the colours and materials used in our renders based on these photos, so that they would be true to life.

Our final step was to create a set of animated GIFs, showing how the pods would be assembled and disassembled. These were used by HUSK Living on their website and social media channels to promote the product and show off what it could do.

If you like these 3D renders , you can see some of our other work on our website. We’re always happy to discuss new projects with potential clients, so if you have an idea that you think we could help with, please get in touch!3D Visualisations for HUSK Living, Cornwall – huskliving.com – that produces container-style garden office ‘pods’ to a high-spec finish

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