Animated Banner & Website Design for #BigUpBude

Trev from TrevsTaxi approached me to develop a mini website for BigUpBude. The idea was to have a website where anything posted with the hashtab #BigUpBude on Twitter and Facebook is posted onto the website, in realtime.

To do this, the website communicates with Facebook’s API as well as Twitter’s API to retrieve the latest posts or tweets with the hashtag #BigUpBude. The code then sorts the posts based on when it was last posted and then displays it in a timeline on the website. All of which is live from Facebook and Twitter.

To make the website design attractive, it was decided that an animated banner at the top of the website would be designed to give the website that little edge over other websites aiming to do the same thing.

As a freelance developer in Cornwall, it was a fun project to be apart of. As it allowed me to drive into Facebook’s and Twitter’s APi. If you require bespoke development (such as bespoke software development), then feel free to get in touch via my contact form to discuss your requirements.

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