Bespoke Project Management System using React and Redux

As apart of one of my contracts, I was tasked with developing a bespoke project management system allowing internal and external clients to view and update the status of a project at any given time.

The system was built using the very latest technologies as of when I wrote this article which were: React, which is an open-source framework built by Facebook for rendering the interface and managing the components, Redux which is another open-source framework for managing the the state of the application and allowing for actions to be distributed throughout the system, Socket.IO – another open-source that creates and manages a persistent connection between a client and server yielding realtime interactions between the user and the system to happen instantly.

Another requirement was that it had to interact with another system (also built by me) for executing an internal process. This was achieved by allowing both systems to talk to each other using APIs.

Furthermore, Bitbucket was used throughout the project so that a log of each iteration of the system was recorded and the repository can be cloned to additional developers when the system expands and lastly, Webpack was used so that resources and assets are compressed and various other scripts executed upon when compiling for live production.

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Gemma Sampson - Solicitor & Director at Sampson Solicitors Ltd