Branding for The Kernow Play House in Camelford

Steph approached me to design a logo for hew new startup company in Camelford called – The Kernow Play House. She requested that the logo had a Cornish flag in it, leaving the rest to my imagination – which is really good as it allows me to explore different trends.

Steph mentioned that its a soft play area aimed at ages between 0-10 years. With this in mind, I started designing a logo. I immediately started designing a cartoon house with curves and bouncing objects that you would typically see in children’s programmes like cbeebies  However, Steph, soon rejected this idea. I then started using painted hand prints as the focus point of the logo, with the Cornish Flag positioned in the middle of the prints. As soon as this was sent Steph replied back with  “Ahhhhhh I love it !!!!!!!”

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