Website Design for Widemouth Bay Cafe, Cornwall

The owners of Widemouth Bay Cafe were looking for a new website; to be designed and built completely from scratch. As a WordPress Developer in Cornwall, every website I build is from scratch so there are no barriers when designing the website.

We went through several designs from doing 3D renders of Widemouth to a fully designed website with driftwood signs swinging. However, it soon became obvious that using high resolution pictures of Widemouth with easy to use buttons to navigate visitors was more attractive.

As the branding had such distinct look colours – pink and white.  We wanted to make sure we didn’t overuse the pink. Therefore, we decided to use the logo as a background watermark to reduce the amount of pink showing through.

To give Widemouth Bay Cafe an edge over its competitors. I decided to animate the logo between each page transition.

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Dean recently created an excellent animated logo for my website, Bude & Beyond ( What I never realised at the outset was how much time, effort, discussion, creativity and dedication goes into producing a logo. After an initial discussion, Dean created many versions, in different colour schemes and formats, which he also animated. He sought appropriate feedback and went the extra mile to ensure that the colours and design were absolutely spot on. I was very impressed at his determination to get it right and to re-create and adapt until both he and I were both very happy with the final result.

So, I’d say Dean’s major strength is communication. I’m not IT-focused, but I appreciate a good-looking website/logo, so it really helps that he is able to discuss ideas in a friendly and accessible way, without over-use of jargon. He explains things well, and will interpret ideas in a client-focused way. He is extremely responsive, so wait times are very short. He listens to his client and creates ideas based on what he hears/understands. He checks all along the way (wording, colours, images, positioning) and will ask: what if we try this? He is also very open to constructive comments. Therefore, he provides plenty of guided choice.

I’m rather proud to now have a Dean Wronowski animated logo already in use on my social media and ready for my website (currently undergoing a major revamp). Dean’s designs are his trademark. Fresh, colourful and lively, they always try to encompass the nature of the product he is working with.

He is a remarkable talent which Bude is fortunate to have

Dawn Robinson - Bude and Beyond