Website Design for Widemouth Bay Cafe, Cornwall

The owners of Widemouth Bay Cafe were looking for a new website; to be designed and built completely from scratch. As a WordPress Developer in Cornwall, every website I build is from scratch so there are no barriers when designing the website.

We went through several designs from doing 3D renders of Widemouth to a fully designed website with driftwood signs swinging. However, it soon became obvious that using high resolution pictures of Widemouth with easy to use buttons to navigate visitors was more attractive.

As the branding had such distinct look colours – pink and white.  We wanted to make sure we didn’t overuse the pink. Therefore, we decided to use the logo as a background watermark to reduce the amount of pink showing through.

To give Widemouth Bay Cafe an edge over its competitors. I decided to animate the logo between each page transition.

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Fantastic company! Dean certainly knows his stuff. He has designed some great work for me. He manages all my tech stuff and delivers a prompt and professional service every time.

Kylee Holness