Animated Website for Stable Door Pets in Bude, Cornwall

June from Stable Door Pets in Bude approached me to look at their current website and make suggestions on how to make it more interesting and engaging for potential new customers and their existing clients. Upon looking at the website, it was clear that a re-design and product photoshot would be of benefit. The reasons for drawing this conclusion were that the previous Stable Door Pets website was not displaying the type of products they have in-store and the user interface (UX) was lacking the functionality and interactivity that people typically expect from websites nowadays.

During the meeting we discussed the possibilities of integrating animations into the website. However, as we wanted the pictures from the photoshot to be the focus point, we agreed to develop a footer animation showing livestock animals running around in a field. Footers are known for being boring so by using an animation would bring the site life in an unobtrusive manner. As June had requested for the website to work on all devices including mobiles, the animation was created using CSS3 ensuring that the animation will run across all devices.

Upon looking around in the store it soon became obvious that the designs on many of the products were friendly and fun. My visit prompted a review of the current logo and a discussion of how it can be brought up to date along with the website. I decided to keep the red for the site to reflect the well-recognised bright red store-front in Bude – I love consistent branding!

As with every new website, I make sure the website is responsive. Google penalises any site that is now not mobile-friendly so it is crucial to get your site responsive so all your other hard work doesn’t go to waste!

For all your Bude website design needs, contact me by going to the contact form where we can discuss anything from a website refresh to a new project.

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As a design company, we have always had our own ideas of how something should look and the style we wanted to use, Dean was great at creating the websites and 3D modelling for our products.

Always readily available for updates and small changes that are constantly needed throughout the development of the site. The work from the start has always been top quality, but as projects have moved on quality has actually improved to levels we hadn’t thought available are now present on our sites.

With limited knowledge on the more technical side of website design such as SEO, Dean was always happy to take the lead and offer help with setting up the parts of the website we hadn’t originally thought of as directly important.

We have worked on many sites with Dean and continually try to keep the websites up to date on the both the Design and Technical sides of it and look forward to working together on future projects.

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