Custom Time Entry Management System

As part of a new contract I recently completed, I built a custom time entry management system for the company. The system was designed to manage the time from employees within the company so that time could be tracked against projects and wages could be calculated. Each time entry can be assigned against each project, and each user has a role that determines what they are able to do on the platform.

The system had features like user roles allowing admins to extract time entries in a CSV format and make changes to those entries if needed. The dashboard showed graphs and charts showing how many hours were spent on each project over time.

The system was built using the microservices architecture. This meant that each component of the application could be deployed separately and scaled independently. It also made it easier to maintain the codebase, as changes could be made to a single service without affecting any other part of the application.

It was built using React, Material UI, Kubernetes and RDS database.

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