Flyer Designs for Bude Surfing Experience in Cornwall

Scott Marshall from Bude Surfing Experience in Cornwall approached me to give his current flyer designs a refresh. The current logo/branding is simple, easy to understand and most of all, memorable. Therefore using the logo, along with some early ideas from Scott, I wanted to inject a strong striking wave into the design to compliment the logo design but not one that would detract or clash, so a fine balance was struck between technical and clean waves.

The end result was one I was really, really pleased with – love producing simple but effective artwork :)

Dean can basically take any idea and make it happen on the computer screen
Scott Marshall - Bude Surfing Experience

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You have indeed outstripped all my requests and I thank you very much…I may truly say that I have noticed the variety of your portfolio with a great interest. You are, as far as I am able to form an opinion, in an eminent sense, and in a degree with which few can compete, a most talented web designer. I should myself long ago have carried to you my custom as I am most impressed with the new web page you have created for me.
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