Funky and Wacky Website Design for Beach House, Cornwall

The plan was to update the Beach House website to get away from the simplistic (black and white boring) sort of websites to a more funky, wacky bold in your face type of website.

The original WordPress site was pretty tired. The homepage had a dated design that had a series of small titles, each of which had a small image attached, despite the beautiful images being a selling point of the company. The site was mostly text based which made it feel cluttered and difficult to direct the user through the site.

Upon visiting Beth at the Beach House it soon became clear that the general feel/vibe and style of the company was of a relaxed, chilled environment and not that of your typical hotel but perhaps fitting of one overlooking a beach. A colourful, vibrant, rustic and laid beach venue, a global travellers paradise is the style they are trying to achieve at the beach house.  I suggested using rustic textures throughout combined with wonky text, with sea sprays on graphics and fonts to accommodate the hotel’s theme  As Beth had some really beautiful eye catching imagery, I also suggested using big sprays with fat fonts overlays on top of the imagery, inviting people into the website.

I absolutely loved working on this website design, tooooooo much fun!

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We have been working with Dean for several years and we could not be happier with his service and help. Being a small business without much time to sort out our website needs we really appreciate dealing with someone who has taken the time to understand what we do and how this relates to the crazy ideas we sometimes have regarding our website and how it it used. Dean has given good advice and when things need sorting out he is very prompt and the work gets done very quickly. We recommend Dean’s services to everyone.

Simon Hammond - Shoreline Extreme Sports