Interactive Website Design for Okey Cokey in Okehampton

The Okey Cokey is a soft play area in Okehampton offering fantastic food and excellent entertainment for kids.

The brief I was given was to design a friendly, vibrant and playful website for Okey Cokey in Okehampton. They also asked for something that felt like an interactive game and supplied references to just about every interactive UI I love! Perfect!

I decided to use the HTML5 Canvas as it allows the drawing of graphics, on the fly, via scripting (JavaScript). And as Canvas has several methods for drawing paths, boxes and circles (all shapes associated with kids and play areas). This was the perfect solution. The end result is a background image that draws circles and stars at different intervals making the website dynamic. Furthermore, I also used jQuery to allow the navigation to be animated when hovering over the buttons.

I can’t express how much fun this interactive website was to put together! As it was something a bit different that most websites don’t show. I Love it!

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