Kitsham Holiday Cottages Website Design

Caroline from Kitsham Holidays approached me to look at the branding and give it a refresh look that was more appealing to a younger generation of audience. This would then need to be followed by a new website design.

The branding that was produced uses a colourful and relaxing teal/blue colour scheme which appeals to both young and middle aged audiences. The shape of the logo follows a smooth curve effect to give give it a funky feel which you would not typically see with a holiday cottage.

Following on from the style and feel of the branding, I decided to incorporate some bird illustrations to give the design some characteristics and life to make it bounce out a little more. This also helped the reader to follow the layout and flow of the page.

Instead of using subtle background colours to separate the different sections, I wanted to furthermore follow the style of the branding by using a funky yet quirky dashed to separate the sections. This also broke one of the designs rules of symmetrically as the lines are not perfectly equal to each other, but felt this was the right decision as we are also appealing to the younger generation.

If you like the clear/funky look designed for Kitsham Holiday Cottages, then feel free to contact me via the contact page to discuss your branding requirements.

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I have used Dean Wronowski’s web services for about 7 years. Dean designed and maintains two websites for me. Both sites were perfect from planning to launch and still function well. I was particularly impressed with his ability to design sites, all I did was supply the text and photographs. Dean did the rest. Dean has always responded promptly to occasional need for tweeks and kept everything running smoothly. I have no hesitation in recommending him to small or large organisations. Whatever your requirements, commercial, charity, informative or social, in my experience, Dean’s design, layout and hosting are excellent and hassle free

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