Leaflet Design for Tamar Boxing Club in Bude

Bude Tamar Boxing Club is a new amateur boxing club for anyone to join, any age or ability.

Heidi asked me to design a leaflet promoting the different boxing sessions.  The idea behind the design came about because designs for boxing events usually consists of a person boxing. Therefore, I came up with the idea of the logo smashing through a brick wall as something different that would stand out. The wall and logo were designed using a 3D package and the explosion was simulated.

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I contacted Dean about designing me a logo for my new business. He then created me a business card, leaflet and advert to go in my local parish news. I gave Dean a rough idea of what I wanted and he went above and beyond my expectations and created me a modern logo which is simple yet effective. I am very impressed with Dean’s creations and would definitely recommend him.

Steph Rakhshani - Foot Practitioner