Responsive WordPress Website Design and Development for Leopallooza in Cornwall

This project was part of a 6 month task where I acted as the graphical designer and website developer. I was required to create initiative responsive wordpress website that worked on all tablets, computers and mobile devices that matched the same layout and style.

To achieve this, I took advantage of CSS3 and HTML5. This allowed me to play subtle animations which can be seen mostly in the background with the clouds moving and every 30 seconds flashing of lightning and the character animating.

This website in particular was a personal favourite, as creating a very unique look and feel to the website in a urban/smoggy theme gets me extra excited! The factories, smog, characters and every other fantasy little detail you could imagine were all required for this one. SOOOO much fun!!

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BAAM has worked with Dean for the last 2 years. He helped us set up a website for BAAMfest 2015 and it was a great experience. After the festival Dean was more than kind to help us revamp the website and personalise it. After initial brainstorming he successfully translated our sketchy ideas into a vibrant website. He has always made time to accommodate our requests and assist with hiccups. He is very easy to communicate with and is fast responsive. I particularly like his work cause he has a strong understanding of how to illustrate and communicate ideas through design. Last but not least Dean has worked voluntarily with us all this time, which speaks volumes for his ethos and character.

Konstantina Samara - Bude Arts and Music