Side Project: Openthirdeye – An AI-Curated News

At its core, Openthirdeye is not just another news aggregator. It’s a platform that leverages state-of-the-art AI technology to transcend conventional news curation methodologies. Our AI algorithm goes beyond mere keyword matching, diving deep into the intricacies of information quality and relevance. By considering a multifaceted spectrum of factors, Openthirdeye ensures that users receive a curated selection of news items that reflect the most pertinent and trending topics of the day.

The algorithm examines the relationships between various news items to surface a comprehensive perspective on a given topic. This feature provides users with a more holistic view of complex stories.

Openthirdeye firmly believes in transparency. Unlike many news platforms, we provide our users with complete visibility into the AI-driven curation process. For every article featured on our homepage, we offer a detailed breakdown of the factors that influenced its selection. This unique feature empowers users to critically analyse the credibility of the information they’re consuming, fostering a culture of informed consumption.

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