Sue Read: Animated Logo and Responsive Website Design

Sue Read is an artist and painter of the sea and coast in Cornwall, UK. Inspired by moving skies and the various moods of the sea, Sue loves to paint the natural surroundings of Cornwall.

Sue Read approached me to revamp her current website hosted with Upon looking at the current website, I recommended importing all of the posts, comments and pages into the new website. In doing so,  this would allow her Google ranking from the current website to be transferred onto the new website; thus maintaining her  Google ranking as well as having her paintings and posts safely transferred.

From the start, Sue had an excellent vision for the style of the website which was to express that she was a very approachable and friendly painter in Cornwall. Due to her bubbly and honest personality, I decided to undertake some research into a typography that would express this. I went through various fonts until I came across a font that really stood out to me. Sue, agreed and the font was purchased.

After the typography was established, I decided to use a new technique and that was to animate the typography. This was achieved by converting the typography from letters into a vector shape in SVG that would be drawn using strokes. Within Javascript, I then animated the stroke of the SVG logo from 0 to 100% which would then give the illustration that the logo is being drawn across the screen.

Turns out that all the typography research has paid off as people love the style of the website, which is no great surprise as it looks soo good. Check it out.

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Dean listens to what you want but will produce his own stunning design. Have no hesitation in recommending. A pleasure to work with with great after support. It has greatly improved my web presence and I can also control content which was important to me
Sue Read - Landscape and Seascapes of North Cornwall

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Dean has been helping me with our website design and other design work for four years, and not only are we very happy with the result, his input is a valued part of our plans going forward

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