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ThrowEmBalls is a brand new innovative app development (for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android) allowing you to throw specific balls into sports related objects and get the highest score in 90 seconds. Great FUN!!

As the game is a fantastic showcase of bright explosive colours and friendly interface design, the website design had to reflect exactly that. So with a handful of elements taken from the game design, I set to work creating a unique and interesting dynamic website. The fact that I designed the game as well, made designing the website even more enjoyable as I did not have any limits :)

A custom built unique WordPress blog was designed and developed to work seamlessly with the current colour scheme.

As with any other personal projects I always enjoy doing them, however there was something particular about this one that I really did enjoy!

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You have indeed outstripped all my requests and I thank you very much…I may truly say that I have noticed the variety of your portfolio with a great interest. You are, as far as I am able to form an opinion, in an eminent sense, and in a degree with which few can compete, a most talented web designer. I should myself long ago have carried to you my custom as I am most impressed with the new web page you have created for me.
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