Website Design for Rosies and Starboard Restaurants

The Starboard Restaurant is all about enjoying a cosy evening overlooking Crooklets beach with a cooked pizza from an open stove wood burner.

As I had already done the branding, it was a natural progression from the designs to the website. The task was to build an interactive WordPress website that scrolls (a one page website).  But rather than just having big images spanning across the width of the page, I wanted to do something a bit more quirky. So instead, a curved wood textured with a rusted pipe to separate the sections was designed.

As well as the Starboard website, it had to be combined with Rosies Kitchen website. This meant revamping the current website. And Instead of having images spanning across the page again, I decided to use hand drawn icons with a rough pen line to separate each section. These icons were designed to be friendly and enjoyable to match the bright branding colours of red and white.

To combine both of these websites together, a landing page was also put together. This allows visitors to pick one of the two restaurants. Both logos were positioned in the centre allowing the sunset background image to be seen. To show the stunning views of the beach from both restaurants.

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I have used Dean Wronowski’s web services for about 7 years. Dean designed and maintains two websites for me. Both sites were perfect from planning to launch and still function well. I was particularly impressed with his ability to design sites, all I did was supply the text and photographs. Dean did the rest. Dean has always responded promptly to occasional need for tweeks and kept everything running smoothly. I have no hesitation in recommending him to small or large organisations. Whatever your requirements, commercial, charity, informative or social, in my experience, Dean’s design, layout and hosting are excellent and hassle free

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