Website Development and Graphical Designs

Here is my most recent website creations and graphic designs. My ultimate goal for each project is to make sure every design stands out with a unique style, has a precise function and has a clear purpose.

What Happens?
  • We meet at your business premises or a local restaurant in order to discover more about the business and your proposed project.
  • I work with companies all over the UK and can travel upon request (expenses to be agreed). Video conferencing platforms such as Skype and Google Hangouts can be used to undertake meetings for the convenience of clients.
  • Branding must be checked/updated before any website/design can be considered.
  • We will then discuss a project brief, detailing the structure of the proposed website and what advertising/marketing goals you would like the website to achieve for your business.
  • Concept designs (usually 1-3) are then designed and agreed upon before any development is considered
  • Once the design iterations have been agreed; I will start building the website. Progress can be viewed at any time.
  • Finally, a testing phase is completed along with any final changes suggested by yourself or your client.
  • You will be invoiced for the development fee towards the end of the project. Once payment is received, the website will be launched.
  • When the website is launched; I will demonstrate how you can edit/update the website yourselves. However, I am available at any time of the day (for free) if you have any questions.
  • No monthly payments, custom built systems that give complete control.
  • The cost of a website will vary depending on whether: branding design or development is required, the content needs to be written or rewritten and SEO needs to be undertaken. These requirments will be discussed in the very first meeting.
  • All graphics and designs are produced using either: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop or Blender.
  • Development is completed using Microsoft Studio Code
  • Out of hours support is offered (at no extra cost)
  • No initial deposits are required.
  • Local prices are provided to local businesses in and around the Bude area. I know what it’s like to run small business in Bude and I am happy to help.
  • All details including the hosting package and contact details are registered in your business name, giving you complete control over your website.
  • Some of my clients choose to use 123-reg/GoDaddy for hosting; but I recommend TSO Host, as I feel you receive better support.
  • I do accept contracted work on a monthly basis if you require such service.
  • I do accept charity projects; but I would like to receive details before committing to any new work.
  • All websites have to be responsive and run on tablets/mobiles and desktop computers. Otherwise they will be down ranked by Google. At the time of writing, there are well over 800 factors that determine your website’s ranking. Google have provided vast amounts of information and built tools to ensure that a website is built in such a way that it provides visitors with the best user experience. I have the experience to provide my customers with effectively designed websites
  • All websites (including the ones I build) must have SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Any website that does not have SEO may as well not be on the internet as it won’t be found by Google or any other search engine, when people type their keywords in.
  • If you require marketing using Google Adwords or Facebook Adverts (with provided support) then I can recommend several companies in Bude and across the UK.

Tile Inspired Website Design for Bude Brewery

As an independent brewery, standing out is very important which is why Bude Brewery approached me to produce a website that was a bit different to that of other breweries.

The main aim of the website was to let the content and quality of the brewery’s products speak for themselves. Combining a Windows 7 style interface with the companies’ unique label designs, enabled me to create an easy to understand interface from the outset and inspired this unique website design. Clever use of space and the simplistic implementation of a tiled navigation, allowed me to place emphasise on the stunning ales named and produced after iconic locations in and around Bude. Small touches of functionality were also added to give the tiles some life, such as the live feed from their Instagram page.

Whether your looking for custom graphics such as the assets you can see in the Bude Brewery designs or a unique website design,you can contact me for any of your Cornwall website design needs.

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Website Design and Graphics for Bude Dive Club

Simon from Bude Dive Club approached me to take over their current website. Upon some initial research, I found the system to be out of date and prone to security vulnerabilities. The developers of the current system had not released any software patches and thus it was immediately decided that a new website was required.

The new budediveclub.co.uk website has been re-designed and built to improve the aesthetic and user experience. The responsive design provides flexible and fluid page layouts which adapt to a variety of device screen sizes whether on laptop, mobile or tablet.

Due to the lack of high quality pictures, the website has been designed to utilise simple but effective illustration icons, enhancing visual appeal and reflecting the beauty of diving.

You can see the new Bude Dive Club website design and development here: www.budediveclub.co.uk

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New Website for a Local Restaurant in Bude – Mumma Bears

Mumma Bears is a restaurant based in the centre of Bude offering Breakfast, Brunch or Burgers. However, what makes this restaurant different is the approach to how customers place their orders. In that customers need to place a tick beside each option on the menu allowing the customer to build their burger or breakfast.

After being given a bank of great photography to use by Brownhill Photography, I decided that seeing their work was much more important than reading about it. As a result this became the focus of the website. However, instead of just inserting pictures into a website, I decided to give each image a curve to match the branding of the logo which was also curved. This also gave each image some depth making it easier to distinguish between each of the images.

And lastly, I had to make sure the site was responsive – in that it could resize its image elements depending on the size of the screen the user visits the site on, without losing the clean/curvy image design.

If you are looking for a Bude Website Designer, then free feel to contact me using my contact page to discuss your requirements.

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Branding and Website Design for Kylee Marie Hair Salon

Kylee Marie is an freelance hair stylist operating throughout Cornwall, with an luxury hair salon situated in Holsworthy, Devon. Kylee is an award winning hair stylist,  who hasn’t quite achieved that big gold status. The judges results mentioned that Kylee needed to work on her identify and website which is why Kylee approached me to re-brand her company as well as developing a new website.

Kylee wanted something that would be informative, clear and easy on the eye. All of her previous websites consisted of templates and plugins which make it very difficult to achieve a certain look or define how the site works, affecting Kylee’s chances of receiving  that elusive gold in her awards.

The result of my work is a bespoke website that will help her attract new customers as well as helping her to achieve that national award.  If there was something that wasn’t possible with Kylee’s previous websites, I was able to design and develop the one, exactly to Kylee’s requirements.

One of those requirements was to perfect the little details, such as how you divide the sections of the site – for example the content from the header and footer.  Most people usually just have different backgrounds to give it some contrast. However, I decided to produce some little graphics in the same style as the branding/logo to reinforce the brands identify by designing some flourishes.

All of my existing clients – new or old,  know that if they run into any problems, they can simply give me a call and I will look into the problem free of charge.

If your looking for a Cornwall Website Designer, then feel free to contact me on my contact page to discuss your requirements – big or small.

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Fantastic company! Dean certainly knows his stuff. He has designed some great work for me. He manages all my tech stuff and delivers a prompt and professional service every time.
Kylee Holness

Website Design for KJ Bromell, a Builders Merchants in North Cornwall

Having just recently developed a new website for Shades of Bude (their sister company). KJ Bromell, an Independant Builders Merchants in North Cornwall, wanted to refresh their website as well, so I did just that.

The result is a great new responsive site combined with custom icons for each of the pages which makes the website really easy to navigate. Thus allowing the website to be used by any age from young adults to elderly people.

If you’re looking for a web designer in Bude, then call me to discuss your requirements via the contact page.

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Sue Read: Animated Logo and Responsive Website Design

Sue Read is an artist and painter of the sea and coast in Cornwall, UK. Inspired by moving skies and the various moods of the sea, Sue loves to paint the natural surroundings of Cornwall.

Sue Read approached me to revamp her current website hosted with www.wordpress.com. Upon looking at the current website, I recommended importing all of the posts, comments and pages into the new website. In doing so,  this would allow her Google ranking from the current website to be transferred onto the new website; thus maintaining her  Google ranking as well as having her paintings and posts safely transferred.

From the start, Sue had an excellent vision for the style of the website which was to express that she was a very approachable and friendly painter in Cornwall. Due to her bubbly and honest personality, I decided to undertake some research into a typography that would express this. I went through various fonts until I came across a font that really stood out to me. Sue, agreed and the font was purchased.

After the typography was established, I decided to use a new technique and that was to animate the typography. This was achieved by converting the typography from letters into a vector shape in SVG that would be drawn using strokes. Within Javascript, I then animated the stroke of the SVG logo from 0 to 100% which would then give the illustration that the logo is being drawn across the screen.

Turns out that all the typography research has paid off as people love the style of the website, which is no great surprise as it looks soo good. Check it out.

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Dean listens to what you want but will produce his own stunning design. Have no hesitation in recommending. A pleasure to work with with great after support. It has greatly improved my web presence and I can also control content which was important to me
Sue Read - Landscape and Seascapes of North Cornwall

Branding for a Foot Health Practitioner in Bude, Cornwall

Here is a recent branding project that I undertook for Steph giving her an online presence on social media and identify for her new business adventure offering services on: nail trimming, cracked heels, thickened toe nails, ingrowing toe nails, fungal infections, diabetic foot care & advice.

Steph will be offering her services in and around the following areas Bude, Stratton, Marhamchurch, Kilkhampton, Morwenstow, Hartland, Woolsery, Bradworthy and Holsworthy.

For your branding/logo design needs in Cornwall, get in touch via the contact page to discuss your logo/branding requirements.

I contacted Dean about designing me a logo for my new business. He then created me a business card, leaflet and advert to go in my local parish news. I gave Dean a rough idea of what I wanted and he went above and beyond my expectations and created me a modern logo which is simple yet effective. I am very impressed with Dean's creations and would definitely recommend him.
Steph Rakhshani - Foot Practitioner

Re-Branding for Bude Brewery, Cornwall

I was approached by Bude Brewery to look at Summerleaze’s and Bude Sea Pool’s beer range as part of their overall branding. Although each product range had a slightly different audience and therefore a different feel they still needed to fit into Bude Brewery’s identity.

After speaking with Bude Brewery to start the ball rolling with design ideas, it was clear that after designing the Porthbud range, a unique creature for both Summerleaze and Bude Sea Pool needed to be the featured point of the designs. We both decided on using a Shark for Summerleaze and a turtle for the Sea Pool. Whilst the ideas were great, I also had to make sure the Bude Brewery’s identity was still included across both ranges. This was achieved by including Barrel Rock within in the background and/or foreground for both ranges.

Bude Brewery were delighted with the designs and couldn’t wait to start showing it off to their current and prospective clients.


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Festival Website Design for Leopallooza, Cornwall

Cornwall’s multi award-winning independent festival returns for the tenth time and with it the creation of a brand spanking new festival website – www.leopallooza.com. The requirements were that the site had to be manageable, using a WordPress CMS. The Website had to be responsive on all devices irrespective of how interactive the site becomes or the number of textures it uses.

During the various meetings, it was decided that a wild west theme was to be used for the website design. This meant mixing various textures together to achieve a wild west feel, with crumbled pieces around the corners to give it that rough look. The logo also needed changing to reflect the new site design, with emphasis placed on  rough and jagged edges with bits cut off.

This website in particular was a personal favourite, as creating a very unique look and feel to the website in a wild west theme gets me extra excited!  SOOOO much fun!!

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Website Design for a Premium Quality Joinery Company

Based in Bude, NineDesign is a premium quality joinery company with an excellent reputation throughout Cornwall.

As a WordPress Developer in Cornwall, I built a bespoke website exactly to their design requirements. All suggested functionalities and design changes were also implemented exactly to their requirements.

The end result is a WordPress website that is responsive whilst also showing high resolution photographs showcasing the bespoke interior kitchen designs built by NineDesign.

For all your website design cornwall needs, contact me. Drop me a line to start discussing.

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You have indeed outstripped all my requests and I thank you very much…I may truly say that I have noticed the variety of your portfolio with a great interest. You are, as far as I am able to form an opinion, in an eminent sense, and in a degree with which few can compete, a most talented web designer. I should myself long ago have carried to you my custom as I am most impressed with the new web page you have created for me.
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